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How to create a Servitor

Firstly, allow me to explain for those who don’t know what a servitor is. A servitor is energy, is an idea, given form to carry out a task or goal. It is similar to a sigil in that it is a creation of the magician’s will. A servitor can best described as a magical servant or imaginary friend with function.

In Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense she mentions a wolf spirit that was tormenting her. This wolf it turned out was nothing more than a creation of her own will. It is also an
incredible example of a servitor. With the exception of course that the wolf was never bound to her will.

A servitor can take on any idea, shape or purpose. The more complex the purpose, the more focus and energy required. A servitor created with a given purpose, such as protection; will be more effective than one whose purpose is to protect, warn, or even expedite services. Whatever the function of the servitor is does not matter, it is all decided by you. How does one go about creating a servitor?

Before you even consider creating a servitor one must first master Sigil Magick, if you have not done that then the rest of this may not be too useful.

The first step in creating a servitor is finding an object to bind the energy to. One can use anything, rings, talismans, stones, crystals, etc. Try to stick to using metals if you can as they are the most conductive for holding spiritual energy. Personally, I like to create custom talismans for the purpose of a Servitor. This way I don’t forget who is doing what.

Before, we do anything with our chosen object we first need to decide what the servitor will be used for. Write down a list of its functions and purposes. When you know its purpose, draw a picture, or find an photo or illustration of it’s intended appearance. It would be a shame to create a servitor with the intent of protection and then have it be a shapeless blob.

When you have done all of these things it is time to focus your energy and thoughts into the object. Imagine, what your servitor will look like and focus on its intent while holding the object. This may take as long as 30 minutes to “fill” the object with intent. This however has not brought the servitor to life. To do that we need to focus and channel our energy and conscious. The best methods are those used to charge sigils. With object in hand pick your preferred method to charge the object. At the pinnacle of focus imagine the image of your servitor. The work is now complete. The servitor will work to fulfill its purpose. Depending on its function and skill level, depends upon how it will interact. One of the first servitors I created loved to follow me around and sleep at the foot of my bed.

Creating a servitor is no small undertaking and should only be done when a sigil will not work. It is important when creating any servitor that you give it an image and name that only you know. Most importantly do not be afraid of your servitor, it is bound to you and you should not fear it.

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